PhD Thesis Writing

PhD Thesis Writing

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Unlike the dissertations that have been undertaken by you during your undergraduate and postgraduate degree, your PhD thesis demands a whole new level of skills, investigative abilities and articulation. With a growing number of researchers in the industry, the complexity of topic investigations increases more and more. Not to mention, the expectations your supervisors and fellow PhD scholars would have from you. Your findings would not be used for reference purposes, but actually, be used in policy-making and developmental decisions. Therefore, it is crucial that you upkeep professionalism in every step you take and maintain the reliability and validity of your research as much as possible. These demands are overwhelming and the time and energy you will invest in a doctoral degree, irredeemable. You cannot back out of your decision halfway through your degree because of the sheer number of years you have surpassed. Therefore, we understand why you have the need to achieve your final goal and the struggles you will be facing on the way.

At Intellects Linkup, our experts are PhD scholars themselves, who can truly empathize with you and assist you at every step of your degree. There will be no half-hearted guidance, as the team members can understand exactly how much importance you will be placing into your thesis. Lucky for you, our experts have already gone through the long hours of worries, tension and scrutiny in addition to having experience helping hundreds of many other aspiring PhD scholars, that they have already established a “game plan” to efficiently help you out without missing out on any important aspects of your degree.

Compared to the dissertation where you would spend just months investigating a topic, during your doctoral degree you will be spending YEARS learning about a topic from every qualitative and quantitative angle possible.

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When it comes to the write-up, these are the steps you will be undertaking:-

This is the most fundamental aspect of your research; a simple statement on which your entire thesis relies upon. Students sometimes spend their first year of doctoral degree finding the perfect research question to formulate a hypothetical statement. You may have a superficial idea on the topic you want to delve deep into, however pinpointing a precise sub-topic for your thesis is more difficult than you think. Although your mentor might help you with this little treasure hunts by either actually helping you narrow down or providing you with topics “from the drawer”. If you already have found the right research question, then you have dodged one of the biggest challenges of your research.

Never overlook this step! If you are going to research into a particular topic, find out what developments and insights already exist on it! Other researchers have gone through several trials and errors while conducting their research, meaning you can avoid taking a path that would lead to no results. Thoroughly reading up on research papers can prepare you with what lies beyond your research proposal. I, not practical knowledge, you will at least get an insight into the technical know-how of the research methodologies and statistical analyses that have been used to come to a significant result. You can learn and condition yourself to the structure and format used by these researchers and employs them in your own thesis. Almost all the time, researchers often list down the limitations of their study and recommendation to other researchers to extend the research on the topic. All this will give you a fair idea about the findings so far on your topic of interest and carve a path for you to arrive at your research question. Every relevant piece of evidence, suggestions, limitations and methodologies must be written and cited in your literature review (as per the university’s predetermined citation format) as this will prep your examiner to understand the depth of your research.

Now that you have one or two research questions that you would like to investigate into, the next step is to convince you board committee to accept research into this topic. You will be composing a research proposal wherein you will present your topic as thought inducing, measurable and possessing high potential to be a significant contributor to the existing literature on it. Along with reasons as to why you chose this topic and what exactly you would like to find as the result of your research, you will be outlining the research methodologies you will be using to conduct the research and the appropriate statistical tests and analysis to determine a relationship between the variables in question. Finally, you must include the limitations to your study as this will help the examiner understand the boundaries within which you are working. The whole idea of research proposal writing sounds simple. In reality, it can be a difficult process especially for those embarking on a doctoral degree for the very first time. Intellects Linkup provides research proposal services and synopsis writing services for those requiring the necessary guidance for a captivating and convincing research proposal.

Here you will describe the method of data collection used - whether you are conducting surveys, questionnaires, interviews or experiments to collect primary data or whether you are utilizing secondary data. In the case of primary data you will have to describe in detail as to why you chose that method of data collection and how it will help give you the answers for your question. For example, if you chose a Likert Scale in your survey, you need to explain the scientific reason as to why this was chosen. In the case of experiments, you need to make sure that it covers all aspects of your research and be aware of extrinsic influences that may affect the legitimacy of your data. This is a crucial aspect of research wherein you must be careful to precisely outline the workings of this methodology as this will convey the validity and reliability of your research to the reader. A shabbily obtained data will have a number of variables affecting responses and hence may not be a reliable source of data. A poorly selected and small sample may not accurately represent the population. If your choice of the data source is secondary data, you will mention why that particular dataset has been chosen for your study.

Does the survey you conducted actually elicit any significant association or causation between the variables? This is the most exciting part of the research. You are expected to weave a story out of the data obtained. Obviously, statistical analysis is always preferred over superficial result determination. While looking at the data itself, you may be able to draw out an association between one or more variable. However, you need to find out as to how strong this association is with the help of statistical analysis. Here you will be able to find how significant the relationship is among the variables and how other factors can affect the strength of this relationship. Depending on the type of data you have; continuous, numerical or categorical, there are several types of tests and analysis like t-tests, MANOVA, ANOVA, Chi-Square, Regression Analysis that you can employ to investigate a relationship between them. If you are lucky you may find a highly significant result (this is like icing on top of the cake for researchers). You will then proceed to write up all these processes into a more comprehensible form and make use of graphical representations of your analysis for your examiner to understand. At Intellects Linkup, we provide expert statistical/data analysis services. Our team of experts have years of expertise in handling some of the most complex datasets and have professional experience working on various statistical software.

This part of your thesis lists out the limitations of your study and how it may have affected the results. You can also suggest as to how your research could have been improved if these limitations were absent. As no research ever comes to a standstill, you can put out some recommendations and suggestions for the future researcher to undertake on your topic to extend the scope of your research.

Finally, you will write down a conclusion comprising of what your hypothetical statement was, the methodology used, results and the contribution of your research to the existing literature.

Why choose us for your PhD Guidance?

Our team is composed of PhD scholars and subject matter experts who have spent years researching a topic from all angles possible. This means that we understand your dedication, need for achievement and the need to stand out among other competitive scholars! We acknowledge the passion that you toward a particular subject because our team of experts are also weaved from the same amount of passion. So when you come to us for guidance, our provision of service is backed by sound knowledge and understanding of your topic and your passion. We feel the same need for achievement as much as you do, and we want you to succeed as much as you do. We achieve this by customizing our services according to your requirements. As far as your topic is concerned, you are sure to find an expert who has a strong grasp over the subject.

When it comes to your statistical analysis, we know that the doctoral level of data analysis is often highly complex and confusing. As compared to an undergraduate or postgraduate dissertation wherein dissertation is undertaken mostly for the purpose of learning, doctoral research is meant to bring disruptive findings to light. There is no leniency when it comes to the research methodologies and analysis, everything has to be perfect. Knowing the gravity of this situation, our statistical/data analysis services serve to provide you with the most accurate results using the most appropriate tests or analysis depending on your data.

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We are experts with years of expertise in doctoral thesis writing. If you are looking to shine among other PhD scholars investigating the same topic as you, your research would need to be measurable, highly objective, true to form, and highly captivating. You also need the motivation to spend a huge chunk of your time and energy on diving deep into the investigation. At Intellects Linkup, we recruit only the most expert of researchers and statisticians who already have considerable experience in curating a large number of research papers and rated high in quality for their service.

We assure you that each paper that is composed via our services will be of unique substance and be 100% plagiarism free. We mean it when we say that we undertake a project as if it were our own. We will give you sufficient guidance on formulating your research proposals, research methodologies, statistical analyses, summary and more within the specified time limit without compromising quality or quantity. You will not lose autonomy over your work and you certainly will have the freedom to make changes or discuss with your mentor for modifications. We are your one-stop-shop for professional and reliable PhD research guidance.