About Us

About Us

Intellects Linkup USA Office

Intellects Linkup is built by a team of professionals who has the vision to help students in need. Our team of experts comprise of statisticians, researchers, academicians, industry experts, who all share the goal of eliminating academic stress and providing expert guidance. These experts play a key role in acting as surrogate mentors for those students who find their university guidance insufficient and need that extra boost.

Coming from a variety of academic background and nationalities we can assure that our arsenal is backed by extensive knowledge and cultural influences. Therefore, regardless of your background, you will receive specially customized help that would fit your standards. We know that any project - be it report writing, assignment writing or PhD thesis writing, can be a cumbersome process. There are long hours of contemplation to even conclude at a research question before you even begin to venture out into the further process. There are high expectations from your mentors, competition from your fellow classmates and the intrinsic need for achievement. Acknowledging all these factors, our team of experts are ready to assist you through every step of your project.

Our specialization lies in providing MBA/BBA project report services, MBA/MCA/ PG courses assignment writing services, PhD thesis writing services, statistical/data analysis services, dissertation writing services, synopsis writing services, research proposal services, book writing services, research paper writing services, PhD research guidance and more! We stick to the standardized structure and format pertaining to the client’s university requirements when we provide our services. No matter how much of our services you will be utilizing to complete your project, you will still have complete autonomy over the direction and final content of your write up. Every expert assigned to you will be assigned on the basis of their depth of knowledge in your chosen field and their awareness of updates and latest developments in that field. We aim to furnish quality projects that reflect the growing expectations of universities from PhD students.

Intellects Linkup USA Office

Here is a list of services we provide:-

For those embarking on the thesis writing journey for the first time, a dissertation is a daunting and scary concept. We understand that you may have the inherent need to get all your reports and assignments done right as these projects will also become the significant aspects to your assessment. Therefore we aim our services particularly for those who need end to end help with their report writing and assignment writing.

You may have the knack to successfully crack your PhD research but may lack the skills necessary to beautifully write up your research into a captivating and comprehensible form. That is where we come into the picture with our PhD thesis writing services. Our team of experts are well versed in the science of thesis writing in accordance with a number of university prescribed formats and structure. You will have zero worries in deciding how to write up your research for your PhD completions.

Quantitative data analyses forms one of the basic steps towards obtaining a significant result to your study. However, we understand that there are several types of analysis and tests that can be conducted on your dataset to come towards a meaningful conclusion. Our statistical data analysis is conducted by statisticians who have years of expertise in playing with datasets. They will be able to guide you in assessing your data from various angles and help you manipulate it like a pro! At Intellects Linkup you will also have access to secondary quantitative data sets from our comprehensive database that is up to date and detailed at a very affordable rate.

With the help of your mentor, you will be conducting a research on a topic that is relevant to your degree. As this is an important market towards attaining your degree, you are expected to show a keen level curiosity, dedication and professionalism in your work. Through our services, we can help you prepare the perfect dissertation that is devoid of spelling or grammatical errors and abides by your university standards and format without being boring!

Consider this the “sales pitch? to your study. You need to write up an intriguing proposal for the committee to decide on whether you can carry on with your study on the topic you like or whether you should focus on more relevant topics. Your research proposal or synopsis will comprise of the research question you seek to answer, the research methodologies you would employ to collect and analyse data, the limitations to your study and the probable benefit of your research to the existing literature on the same topic. Sometime the board committee may reject a proposal merely due to the lack of convincing power of the proposal. Our team at Intellects Linkup will help you draft a convincing piece of synopsis and an elaborate research proposal highlighting all the important aspects of your supposed study.

We also provide proofreading and editing services for book writing prior to the publishing of the manuscripts. Your work is assured to be free from spelling and grammatical errors and adhering to the publishing standards and format.

Although undertaken by high level students with the motivation and dedication required to complete this feat, often times there is a need for guidance throughout the PhD research course to ensure that you are on the right track and able to complete every milestone in your research on time and with the professionalism expected from you. We will assist you from the beginning to the end of your doctoral research and help you unlock your true potential to gain that savoured PhD completion.

When we recruit our team of experts, we make sure they undergo a huge degree of scrutiny as we are always on the lookout for a dedicated team of highly knowledgeable professional who have had considerable practical experience. We want to ensure that when you approach us with the need for help, our team will take care of every aspect of your project and clear all your queries right from the beginning of your project i.e. identifying your research question to the final write up of your thesis. In addition to assigning your projects to members who already have a strong grasp on the concept, we also ensure peer review your project to bring out as much objectivity into the picture as possible. We understand that being the most fundamental aspect of your degree, your thesis marks the line between passing and failing your degree! Hence we take this task as seriously as you do and treat each project as our own.

Our members are subject matter experts with years of expertise in research and complex statistical data analysis. We do not aim at just providing you with guidance, we encourage information exchange from your side too, after all our team has a passion for learning too! Our services are not restricted to the provision of academic guidance for aspiring students. We also aim to connect businesses via collaboration, connect industry experts with institutes for seminars, provide PhD students with a platform to share their findings and network with a large group of like minded PhD scholars and academicians. Our comprehensive database contributes to companies and employees looking for datasets to conduct extensive market research or recruitment.

With our uber-versatile services, you will never face any difficulty with your thesis writing. We are your ULTIMATE solution to eradicating the stress and anxiety related to academic demands.