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Intellects Linkup provides high-quality book writing and publishing services pertaining to international standards. If you are looking to hire a seasoned ghostwriter to bring articulation and creative flair to your book, then Intellects LinkUp’s book writing services are a perfect choice. You will be able to discuss with our editors and consultants, the general theme of your book. If you do not have the wherewithal or time to actually write a book but still wants to be a published author, then our service is the way to go. You will have full copyrights to the piece of work we undertake and the autonomy to edit and change the contents of the book as you wish. We aim to help you transform your thoughts into words and give you the added benefit of holding the ownership to contents of the book.

In this glitzy, glamorous world, publishing a book seems to be the latest trend. From celebrities to politicians, we have seen the rise of using ghostwriters for autobiographies. Books and other literature. Being an author demands its own artistic flair and a way with words, which understandable, many aspiring authors do not possess. However in this world of competitive literature writing, there exists the need to excel in every little aspect of the book - the story needs to be captivating, the words used to reflect an articulate author, the characters relatable, etc. Hence how easy it may seem to “just write a book”, you will be facing a number of challenges and hardships. Even if you have experience writing books, you may still experience mid writing problems like burnout or come to a standstill with ideas. In addition to that, if you are short on time, it only escalates the problem. We are here to eradicate these issues and provide the necessary help required for you to successfully write and publish your own book.

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Here is a brief as to what we do in our book writing service:-

  • A rough draft provided by you is heavily edited and changes or expansion is made wherever necessary
  • Composing short and intriguing blog posts
  • Expanding on a given topic according to the brief provided by you
  • Taking in your ideas and conjuring perfect literature based on your own narrative

Benefits of Hiring a Book Writer:-

Instead of hiring a freelancer to take up your work, a single assigned ghost-writer can maintain the consistency required to upkeep the legitimacy of your book. Since you are the author published on the book cover, it only makes sense to stick to a single style of writing rather than employing random freelancers to finish your work. You will be assured continuous interaction with your write, check up on the progress of the work, edit the ongoing process and be able to revise and make the necessary alterations with the same writer that is assigned to you.

Writing a book on your own means your deadline is highly flexible depending on your schedules and mood. Often, you may lack the motivation to push forward, and slack on finishing your book for days or months to come effectively stalling the flow of your work! By hiring a book writer, you can assign a set deadline within which you are guaranteed to get your work done!

Working on a deadline ensures that your book is completed within the set deadline. The reason why this achievement is possible is that our book writers have years of experience in providing this service that they have naturally developed systems and structures to quickly and efficiently get the work done. Your dream to publish a book will be achieved faster than you would expect!

A lot of self-written book authors would agree to the fact that book writing is actually a tedious and daunting process. Numerous trials and errors are just part and parcel of this process, not to mention the hours of precious time you will be wasting. With a ghost-writer in hand, you can easily spend your time focusing on more important aspects of your life and business.

Our book writers are experienced and professional writers with years of expertise in book writing. We do not encourage amateurs to take on such important work. Therefore you can be assured of getting high quality, well written, highly structured content.

Although hiring a ghost-writer is generally costly, at Intellects Linkup you can get the same service for an extremely affordable cost with no compromise on the quality and time.

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, our writers are recruited via stringent recruitment procedures wherein the quality of their work and creative writing limitations are explored. Our writers speak English as their first language, have a strong grasp over grammar and employ highly articulate sentence structuring. They are always proactive in listening to and understanding your requirements and are available to make necessary alterations at every step. You do not have to fear of losing autonomy to your work as we work very transparently.

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Thinking to write a book? Think Intellects Linkup!

With our book writing services, you never have to worry about getting your book published! Our professional writers are keen on taking up every piece of an idea, modifications and suggestions you come up with and will incorporate them into the contents of the book. You individuality can, therefore, be truly expressed in the book even if it is written by someone else! We conduct extreme proofreading and two-fold Quality Control rounds to ensure that your book is free from any possible errors. We not only just tend to our line of work, but we also go beyond the service to provide you with a complete and holistic end product. Whether you are looking to write blogs, books, articles, letters etc on your behalf, we are your first and most reliable choice!

In addition to providing book writing services, Intellects Linkup also provides academic guidance such as research paper writing services, synopsis writing services, and more.