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  • My guide had a deep understanding on the subject I was researching into and was proactive in sharing her ideas and inputs into the project. Whenever I felt unmotivated, she always picked up the pace by helping me clear all my doubts and queries. Although I initially signed up for their research proposal services, I loved their service and signed up for their statistical/data analysis services as well. I would say that Intellects Linkup has some of the best researchers working for them and are of great help to aspiring PhD students.

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  • Their database is huge and extremely affordable. You can really work your way around various data points and bring complexity and richness to your research. I had taken their help for data analysis and the service was just phenomenal!

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  • “Clear, precise and very professional service. Intellects Linkup has helped me through every step of the thesis with their dissertation writing services.â€�

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Embarking on a PhD degree is an unsettling yet exciting venture. It demands 4 to 5 years of pure dedication, unending motivation, and an unquenchable amount of curiosity to get towards a significant result. The journey, although super rocky, leads to a satisfying accumulation of high level academic credentials and social status. More importantly, it’s the feeling of achievement when one arrives at a conclusion.

However, we know that where there is success, there is despair. Students often end up questioning their decision halfway through. Some do not even begin their research due to the lack of a solid proposal to build their 4 to 5 year research stint on to even begin with! As it is your first time working on a PhD, you may find the need for guidance necessary as it is important to get it right the first time! Your university assigned PhD guide may not have enough time to devote to answering all your queries in the midst of being assigned to many other students of your calibre. Hence there is a need for a supplementary mentor to independently guide you through each and every step of your research.

We are your ULTIMATE guide to PhD thesis writing. Our services ensure that you receive the most customized guidance for your research formulation. You will receive proactive counselling, consultation on how to frame your objectives, theories, methodologies and much more.

Here is a walkthrough on how to approach your research:

Research Proposal - This is the springboard towards your entire research. You might as well set a solid foundation. You need to a have a clear and concise idea upon which your hypothetical statement is based upon. When forming your proposal, make sure your options fall under the same subject. You are looking to produce at least 3 to 4 fresh topics to research on within your field of interest. Your university will then pinpoint one topic. Then study and understand your university guidelines and try to stick to it as much as possible. You will then begin writing in your proposal describing what your research topic is, how you plan to conduct research on it, the methodologies used in the research and finally, how it would add value to the existing knowledge base and the limitations of your study. Word limit is usually 2500 +/- depending on your university guidelines. At Intellects Linkup you will receive expert research proposal services and synopsis writing services where we will help you construct the perfect research proposal.

Literature Review - Never overlook this part! Once your research proposal is approved by the university, your real work begins. Know that several researchers have delved deep into your topic of research and come out with some incredible results and recommendations which you can utilize in your research. You can then modify your research topic according to what has already been done or what you identify as gaps in the research. By conducting a proper literature review you can learn about the scope of your investigation and assess whether it is worth your time and energy. Often times, researchers leave recommendations, which you can take up if you have the resources to. You can even decide on the prospects of your research for a number of developmental processes. You will also have a superficial idea as to how your thesis will be written and framed. Once you conduct relevant material important for your research, begin writing them down. Your literature review is almost like a story, a story of how your topic of interest has developed and matured over the years. Make sure you use the citation standards prescribed by your respective university while making references within your literature review.

Identify your Research Methodology - While conducting your literature review on similar topics as yours, you will come across some relevant research methodologies that have been employed by the previous researchers. You will understand how a certain methodology - whether it is experiments, surveys, questionnaires, interviews, case studies, etc, can bring about a certain type of response. Based on the type of result you are anticipating from your research, you can draw out a single methodology or a combination of processes to be employed in your study. This is one area where you need immense support from your mentor as this will form the basis of your investigation. It also requires vast knowledge and technical know-how as to how to make use of these methodologies and the limitations it might possess.Writing it down in a comprehensible form is essential as your assessors will have to first understand thoroughly the methodology you will be using. With Intellects Linkup’s research paper writing services you can get expert guidance on how to frame your methodologies according to the predetermined structure and format.

Questionnaire Design - This is most crucial step in your research. You need to have sound knowledge of the various types of standardised questionnaires and have the practical knowledge of employing them in your study. Your choice scales (Likert, 7-point,etc) and design of experimental questionnaires (choice based, rating based, etc) must be relying on pure scientific grounds. At Intellects Linkup, you will be assisted at every stage of your research write up including the design of your questionnaire.

Data Collection -Many researchers will agree to the fact that quantitative data prevails over qualitative data mainly due the sheer objectivity and measurable characteristics. Therefore, you will need to bring together a dataset that embodies the core aspects of your research. We offer various types of comprehensive datasets at affordable rates. There is no worry about being able to make total sense of the data too as we offer statistical/data analysis services as well! You can design a questionnaire or conduct a measurable experiment to collect quantitative data. Collect every relevant information as best as you can because bigger the sample, the closer it gets to better representing the population. Therefore, to ensure you have a sufficient sample, START EARLY!

Data Analysis - Once you have sufficient data, you will then divide them into a number of variables which will play an important part in your research. You can use a variety of effective statistical data tools to be able to “weave a story out of your data”. Although you will receive help from your university regarding the operation of these data analysis tools, we have seen that often the training is not sufficient. Other times, the analysis might involve facets in your data which you cannot control that may be affecting the behaviour of your data. We understand how complex data analysis can get and we know that you as a student would require supplementary professional support. Our statistical/data analysis services are done by expert staticians who have years of expertise in conducting a variety of analysis and tests like ANOVA, MANOVA, Regression Analysis, Inferential Analysis, Chi Square, T Test, etc using softwares like SPSS, STATA, SAS and more. With our help you will be able to find out whether your data is telling you that there is a correlation, causation between your data points or if there is any significant association between them at all! Our dissertation writing services will guide you with the write up of the complex relationships between the data points that you just found.

Recommendations - Our team of experts comprise of researchers and academicians from a huge variety of fields and of different nationalities. This means that your research will be scrutinized from every angle possible to find out areas where you can improve or areas where you need some major editing. We get involved in your research as much as you do. Our team considers each and every project as their own. Therefore in addition to suggesting corrections, we will also add in our peer reviewed comments, recommendations, etc which you can utilize in your write up.

Citatons - In addition to your literature review, you will be referring to previous studies time and again in your research. The idea is to show that every factual statement of yours is backed by tried and tested evidences from existing researches. It is critical that you cite them appropriately in accordance with the citation format chosen by your university. You also need to consider the avoidance of plagiarism. Intellects Linkup can guide you with the reference writing according to the citation style like APA, MLA, or whichever your university decides.

Proofreading - A lot of students do not edit or proofread their final thesis, especially when they are time constrained. However, this is as essential as brushing your teeth in the morning! You do not want to annoy your examiner with unnecessary grammatical or spelling errors and throw them off the message you are trying to deliver. You also want to make sure that your thesis write-up abide by the structure and format prescribed by the university.

Post Thesis Discussion - In addition to helping you with these above general steps towards writing your thesis, we also provide the opportunity for you to have one-on-one discussions with your virtual mentor to discuss the details of your study and to prepare you for questions from the board committee while you give your project presentation. We can arrange for interviews based on your convenience and aim to answer all your queries regarding your project.

At Intellects Linkup, we offer PhD Thesis Writing services and PhD Research Guidance for aspiring students looking for a supplementary guide to help them achieve completion of their PhD. We provide all round support and expert consultation for doctoral research. We do not stick to a set framework, rather we work around your requirements and customize our services to match your needs. In addition to providing support for PhD students, we also provide MBA/BBA project report services, PhD thesis writing services, and book writing services.