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Project Report

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Although your degree would involve a number of lectures and practical sessions, the real test comes in the form of project reports as these are measurable aspects of your performance used for assessment by your examiner. Therefore, it is important that your project report always maintains a standard and has quality material that best communicates your message. No matter how much your grasp is over a topic, if it is not reflected in your written work then you will rank as a poor student. Your project report not only tells the examiner how much of the topic you have understood, but it also gives them an idea of how well you can translate complicated statistical results and academic jargons into a comprehensive form. Examiners, no matter how experienced, cannot read your minds. Hence you must make the effort to make your thoughts crystal clear when you write them down. At Intellects Linkup, we provide quality MBA/BBA project report services in accordance with your requirement.

Here are some things that examiners look for while evaluating your project:-

They check for grammatical errors and sentence coherence when reading your project. This could be an especially difficult feat to achieve if you are a non-native English speaker. Use of slang and other colloquial terms is never encouraged. A lot of smart students who do not speak English as their first language consider this to be their biggest concern as they are not able to precisely express their insights into a topic effectively onto the paper. Adding to that is the importance given to the reports during the evaluations as it counts towards the final assessment of your degree.

Although creative writing is an appreciated talent, in the world of academics, importance is given to precise factual presentation. Your report incorporates contents that are serious in nature and therefore the language used to present these facts must be formal and emit professionalism.

Your examiner will assess as to how interesting your report is and how structured your sentences are. Even though your report is highly factual, you will still have to weave a story out of the data you have. The contents should not bore your reader, rather capture their attention from the beginning till the end.

As elementary as it sounds, spelling mistakes are to be avoided! Although your examiner won’t specifically check for spelling errors, coming across one can thwart their attention from the seriousness of the report. Although some of them would not take the matter seriously, there are some who would. It is better to use one of those countless numbers of spelling check websites or apps rather than playing with the odds.

Every researcher would agree with the fact that a graphical representation of data speaks more than textual description. You can not only literally “see" the trend of the data, but the reader can also make inferences quicker and better understand your project. However, make sure that you use the most appropriate graphical representations depending on the type of your data.

structure of project report

Top-level structure

A normal project report is created using these steps:-

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Previous work
  • Your contribution to the investigation (highlighting your exclusive findings)
  • Graphical Illustrations
  • Conclusions
  • References and reference sections

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Remember that project reports are almost like a glimpse into your final dissertations and a practice activity for effective academic writing. Project reports are a great way for your examiner also to understand your level of academic writing to help you improve in areas where you can refine your skills. It is also a way for them to evaluate your investigative capabilities which will help them curate a game plan for your final dissertation.

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