Statistical/Data Analysis

Statistical/Data Analysis

statistical data analysis

Why are statistics important for research?

When you pose a research question, you may as well already have an idea about the relationship between two or more variables. As you collect your data and observe it superficially, you may start to notice that, for example, there is a positive association between Variable A and Variable B, or a change in Variable A leads to a change in Variable B. You will be able to gather a very vague idea about the dynamics of the data you have. Your data is literally telling you a story! The questions, how significant is this relationship between the variables? And does the introduction of Variable C lead to any change in the relationship between Variable A and B? Or is there any relationship at all! Finding out answers to these questions is such a satisfying venture, it explains why the researcher is so involved with such complex investigations.

Statistical analysis is the most fundamental aspects of your research that provides objective and measurable answers to your questions. It is a way to communicate your findings to support or reject your hypothesis and give your work the credibility of other researchers to prioritize your work. Nowadays, it forms the basis of every developmental decision made irrespective of industry type. The reason being, it gives us such a detailed insight to facilitate understanding of the dynamics of the variables, so that it can be used to create policies for the entire population (depending on how accurate your sample is in representing the population). Every researcher would agree to the mandatory use of statistical tools to elicit robust statistical results. Such findings can be easily replicated owing to the transparency and measurability of the data.

statistical analysis

Every research needs to be backed by solid data to mark a high level of validity and reliability. The data being used must be complex, meaningful and above all represent the characteristics of the population. Your sample must be big enough to closely represent the population as much as possible. Therefore, gathering the right kind of data in the right amount is crucial to establish the legitimacy of your analysis. Our comprehensive database caters to the needs of students, researchers and academicians alike. With Intellects Linkup, you can get your hands on some of the most complex and detailed quantitative datasets compiled by expert researchers themselves. If you require help with data analysis, we provide statistical/data analysis services also. If you are a researcher who has sourced quality primary data that is quantitative, then it can be a great asset to a million other researchers worldwide! If you want your dataset to play a significant role in determining disruptive insights.

Researchers do not just employ a single analysis to come to the result. Depending on the type of data you have - numerical, categorical, continuous, etc, your choice of tests and analyses will also need to change. Sensitivity to data types is what makes statistics so important to research. Some type of tests researchers use are t-tests, ANOVA, MANOVA, Chi-Square, etc and some types of analysis used are logistic regression, multiple regression, factor analysis, etc. Each of these tests and analysis serves a purpose depending on the type of data you are working with and the type of relationship you are seeking to establish between your variables. Data is everything in this world and data backs each and every important decision in the world. Therefore it is imperative that you will face data analysis at least once in your lifetime. Being able to make sense of a given data gives you the power to literally weave a story out of it! Depending on your academic level, the complexity of your data analysis gets even more intense.

Translating your statistical analysis into a comprehensible form is the next major obstacle everyone faces in research paper writing. How do you explain a set of numbers obtained by coding in some formulas into a readable and understandable form? Moreover, in the event where your research paper would be published, a lot of students embarking on the literature review for the first time should be able to understand your research no matter how complex it is. Therefore, you as researcher need to be as skilled at academic writing as you are with manipulating data on a variety of statistical tools. We provide guidance on thesis writing with our research paper writing services.

statistical data analysis

statistical/data analysis services

If you are looking to up the ante with your research question, our arsenal of the quantitative dataset is your best friend! We have the most comprehensive datasets of different types including numerical, continuous and categorical data which we can provide. If you require help in manipulating the data in accordance with your investigation, you can make use of our statistical/data analysis services.

We will guide you in the analysis of even the most complex data utilizing the prevailing statistical analysis tools. If you are a researcher who has compiled valuable, detailed and up to date primary data, your data can help ‘n’ number of researchers out there and can be a valuable addition to our existing pool of comprehensive datasets. Your data may even be used in finding some of the most disruptive answers to the toughest questions! Why Choose Us?