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Virtual Guidance

We provide online PhD research guidance, MBA/MCA/ PG courses assignment writing services, MBA/BBA project report services and more by acting as your supplementary mentor. For those who are looking for extrinsic guidance to complete their projects and enhance their thesis writing skills, we are your best bet! Via our online presence, you can set up interviews, phone calls and other communication mediums for detailed discussions and updates on your project. There is no limit as to how many one-on-one discussions you can set up. It’s all up to you! Keeping in mind your requirements, we will ensure to delve deep into your research question and give you a comprehensive guidance backed by strong academic evidences.

Online Consultancy

We ensure that our team of experts are always up to date with the latest developments in their field of work. This means that you will never receive any input that is outdated. In our efforts to keep you up to date with the industry developments, we provide consultancy for many international and national events, conferences and seminars.If you are student looking to bring in some motivation to your ongoing research, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss the course of your research with like minded individuals and get constructive criticism on your work. If you are an academician keen on sharing your latest disruptive insight about a topic, we will help you find relevant conferences where you can share your thoughts and network with like minded researchers for possible future collaborations.

International Experts

Our team of experts undergo a stringent set of recruitment processes that scrutinize every aspect of their academic background, qualification and skills. Therefore when you are assigned a specific mentor for your project, you are assured that he/she has a strong grasp on the technical aspects of the topic. In addition to expertise, our team is a truly international team with researchers and academicians from various national backgrounds and with degrees in varying fields. As objectivity is one of the main aspects of a successful research, we wanted you to be able to explore a topic from various perspectives. Depending on how disruptive your research insight is, your paper may be peer reviews and possibly reviewed across nations. Hence we want to ensure that objectivity is maintained throughout the research and the occurrence of cultural influences in result determinations is negligible.